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blackshadowcat's Journal

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  • blackshadowcat@livejournal.com
Hi! The two things you might want to know about me are that I'm a female, and that I get obsessed over things way too easily. For a list of things I'm obsessed about (it's still missing a lot though) check out my interests.

If you want to friend me, feel free, especially if we have something in common! I'll gladly friend you back. I'm usually pretty shy, but I do try to comment a lot. Just be warned though, that I do enjoy things that some people might object to, like RPF, and fandom is usually the only thing I talk about on LJ. I don't mind getting into serious conversations, I just don't usually start them.

As for my journal, I plan on only posting fandom related things such as memes or fanfic, but that's only once I actually get around to finishing one of them. There might be some general squeeing too. I'm into shipping (het/slash/femslash/anything really), but I do like to talk about other things too, and I don't have an OTP for every show/book/movie I like. In fact, I'm usually pretty open shipping wise, so don't expect a lot of shipping wank from me (there are a few exceptions to this, but only a few).


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